Making Change

Life is about experiences, twists and turns and new directions. Creating change and making choices to move forward can be a little daunting with so much information available online. 

Our focus at Inward Pathways  is to make that change possible, we do that by supporting you to make the right decision based on what you need.  Our courses are extremely affordable, of the highest quality, with tutors actively available as you make your way through your course. 

If you are uncertain about which path or course to take, talk to us now, we are here to help. You can call direct or jump into our chatroom at the bottom right of your screen.


Complementary Therapies

Start a new career

Complementary Therapies

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“I need a change, I’m so fed up with my current job”
“I’m in my 40s or 50s and i still don’t know what I  want to do with my life”
“I’d like to start a part time job or new career, but I’m not sure if it will fit in with my life and family commitments”
“I’ve been out of the workforce for a while, I don’t know where to begin and don’t have any current skills”

Any of those statements sound familiar?

The good news is we help people just like you every day make change possible We do that by providing you with easily accessible and affordable training that can set you on a bright, new and exciting direction.

Our focus in this Pathway is the Complementary Health training field. We assist you to set up a whole new career or simply empower you with a new set of skills to care for your friends and family. People are seeking alternate methods to the current health care model. Complementary Therapy is one of the largest growing fields in the world right now.

We deliver a range of great courses from Fundamentals through to Diploma level that will give you all the learning you desire to begin..

Personal Growth

Empowering Real Change

Personal Growth

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Personal growth and development is a continual process of transformation, in where improvements are made in your physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and/or financial state.

The process can be activated by an important or significant moment in life that made you question perhaps your purpose or even your very existence. This deep questioning motivates and inspires you to improve and empower yourself by exploring and discovering your full potential. Your journey of self-discovery leads to a more satisfying and purposeful life, which becomes evident in your relationships, place of work, self-image and self-confidence, as well as your personal worldview. 

Our focus in this Pathway is to provide you with courses that give you a blend of learning that supports you on your Inward journey. The every day tools assist to help create more insight, balance and joy to live the life you always desired.

the way to success

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Make a choice for you, for the tomorrow you have dreamed about and take action today. Create change now, this is your life so make it one you love to live.

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