Certificate of Inner Work Therapy

Certificate of Inner Work Therapy

Certificate of Inner Work Therapy

The Certificate in Inner Work Therapy offers an introduction to a unique blend of expressive therapies, experiential coaching & holistic counselling. This modality we term Inner Work. Inner Work techniques support people in slowing down, becoming more self-aware, sensitive to and comfortable with their own true nature. When practised regularly Inner Work skills build internal structures within the self that create wellness, wholeness, self-responsibility, empowerment and self-acceptance.

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4-12 months

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Online and Remote


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Course Modules

Inner Work Therapy Introduction provides you with a framework which is dual in nature, initially teaching your through participatory learning how to do your own Inner Work. Through participating in your own inner work practise you are learning through directly experiencing the methods in your daily life.

This is experiential immersive learning combined with reflective practice.



Module Objectives

  • An understanding of the principles of Inner Work
  • Development of Inner Work personal growth skills
  • Ability to create Inner Work experiences for others.
  • Ability to implement Self Care after a session of Inner Work.
  • Exploration of the Counsellor as a Person and as Professional
  • Upholding the Standards of Presence when working with others.

We all need an abundance of good energy and vitality to nurture us, as being vital  helps  us  to think clearly and supports our emotional and physical equilibrium.


The places we need to gather energy from are quite simple – yet we often forget to take these simple things into consideration. The paradox being – it’s because they are so simple that we often overlook them.




Module Objective

  • To discover where in your daily life you can generate your own best sources of energy, at will.
  • To observe and monitor your personal process
  • Understanding the fundamentals of self-care
  • Monitor your personal patterns using the personal assessment.
  • Setting out a simple system to help you ensure your daily needs are met.


Self-Care Module contains

  • Introduction to the Inner Life
  • Self-Care
  • Rituals with Self Care
  • Tolerations
  • Boundaries
  • Beliefs

Journaling for self-discovery is the practice of recording our lives in an ongoing way in order to better understand what drives us internally.
Journaling when used as an Inner Work practise is a process that provides the therapeutic benefit of self-discovery and self-healing. Supporting you to become your own inner counsellor, always ready to hear your truth.

Writing in your journal is a way of giving yourself inner space, distance from the immediacy of what is happening. You are writing about the realisations that are happening in the moment. They include thoughts, emotions, feelings, reactions, awareness of what’s happening in your body, awareness of what’s happening to your energy and to the energy around you.

Module Objectives

• To examine your life through journaling
• To develop a greater level of self-awareness and self-understanding
• Discover personal starting points for your Inner Work.
• To begin a personal journaling practise to support your inner journey.
Journaling Module contains
• Introduction to Journaling
• Journaling for Inner Work
• How to Begin
• Benefits of Inner Work Journaling
• Your First Journaling Assignment
• Additional Journaling Prompts

In Inner Work a mandala drawing is used for personal self-expression, healing, self-exploration, containment and discovery. Mandala drawing becomes a means of self-discovery. Mandala drawings are created by individuals to gain knowledge of what they hold in the deepest parts of themselves. Once these images have been bought forth, they can be used for self-empowerment and to deepen self-awareness and self-appreciation.


Module Objectives​

  • Develop an understanding of how to use Mandala drawing for Inner Work
  • Approaching the symbolic life with reverence.
  • Deepen knowledge of the uses of art and symbols as sacred technologies.
  • To gain awareness of the uses of Mandalas as expressive methods in the therapeutic context.


Mandala Drawing Module contains

  • Symbology of Mandalas and Circles
  • Mandala Drawing as used in Therapy
  • Using Mandala Drawing as part of Inner Work
  • How to make a Mandala Drawing
  • Mandala Drawing exercises

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