Why Choose Us?

We believe that everyone deserves an awesome life and are committed to provide learning that has the potential to make this happen for you.  Inward Pathways delivers learning that is easily accessible 24/7 and exceptionally affordable with once-off payment or payplan options.

Our Vision and Mission

At Inward Pathways we are empowered and enriched when we see you achieve your goals – big or small. We firmly believe that the pathway to success,  as you define it,  can be achieved through learning. 

Our story is a simple one and based on a vision that everyone can live an awesome life filled with opportunities and joy. 

We support that vision with a mission to provide you with the best learning, the best teachers, using the best technology at a price you can afford. We are not a Registered Training Organisation however what we have to offer, we believe, is exceptional value. Here is how we compare….Read more…

We are aware that everyone learns differently and at a variety of speeds.  It’s important to us to ensure  you learn in a way that works best for you. Inward Pathways provides learning in multiple formats.  Our teachers are available to support you at every step of your learning journey, guiding you to your desired outcome.

Learning to help others

FIONA's Legacy
support for ovarian cancer research

At Inward Pathways we believe in the ideal of learning to help others. Aidan’s wife Fiona (pictured here) passed away in 2018 having faced the challenge of Ovarian Cancer for 6 years. As a legacy to Fiona’s amazing life, we have chosen to support Ovarian Cancer Research and $20 per course enrolment is donated to this cause.

Ovarian cancer is the eighth most commonly occurring cancer worldwide in women and the 18th most commonly occurring cancer overall. There were nearly 300,000 new cases in 2018. There is no early detection test for ovarian cancer.  All women need to be aware of the symptoms. (Learn more about symptoms)

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Education can change the world

Meet the teachers

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Aidan Leonard

Aidan Leonard, your teacher for Business and Massage Therapies is the co-founder of Inward Pathways. Aidan has a long history of training in Australia ...having previously managed two and owning one Registered Training Organisation within the past ten years. Aidan has over 30 years experience in managing businesses both small and large in Europe, Africa, the Midde East and Australia including his own Massage Therapy Clinic in Ireland for three years. Aidan holds a Diploma in Business Administration from the JFK University in Zurich and a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from Griffith University Brisbane. He also holds certificates in Therapeutic Remedial Massage, Sports Massage and Polarity Therapy. As part of his learning in complementary therapy he also completed additional training in Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Techniques, Muscle Energy Techniques, Reiki, and Trigger Point Therapy. When Aidan is not sharing his passion of business and complementary therapies, he loves to fly helicopters, swim, run, practice yoga, cook, meditate, travel and dance.
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Julie-Anne Wood

Julie-Anne Wood, the founder of Inner Work Academy, is a contemporary voice for personal empowerment and self discovery- she is a life coach, transpersonal...counsellor and creative workshop facilitator, providing inspiration and innovative coaching for soul-directed people. Her Inner Work teaching and coaching style encompasses metaphysical principles that identify a deeper, broader and unified world view. Julie-Anne holds a BA in Visual Art from Sydney College of the Arts, an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Emotional Release Counseling, Post Graduate qualifications in Rehabilitation Counseling and Clinical Art Therapy from Sydney University. She is a qualified SoulCollage® facilitator and a Certified Professional Coach with the International Coach Academy. When Julie-Anne is not teaching or coaching she likes to travel, read, meditate and take long walks on the beach.

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